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A future-set, New Year’s Eve wild night’s journey that follows two young lovers as they try to survive the end of the world.

On New Year’s Eve of 2029, a six-mile wide asteroid is headed for Earth and set to wipe out humanity and the repressive society that now plagues Los Angeles. One young couple aims to survive this catastrophic event together while simultaneously transforming their civilization into the utopia they desire.

The Last Two Lovers at the End of the World is a dramatic short film starring Zoe Soul (Single Ladies, Reed Between the Lines), Dabier Snell (Those Who Can’t, House), Jonell Kennedy (The Mentalist), Brian Yang (Hawaii Five-0), Amatus Karim-Ali, Sam Scarber (Criminal Minds), and Luke James (Star). It was Executive Produced by Common, Derek Dudley, and Shelby Stone (Single Ladies). Produced by Roberta Marie Munroe and Melisa Resch.